Stretching for 21 miles along the glimmering Pacific, Malibu is the crown jewel of the California coast. A playground for the country’s wealthiest celebrities, entertainment industry executives and business moguls alike, it is home to nearly three dozen beaches, renowned surfing, internationally-acclaimed restaurants and designer boutiques. From Hollywood’s migration to the iconic Movie Colony in the 1940s to the city’s emergence as a surfing mecca in the 1960s and 70s, Malibu’s magnificent scenic beauty and close-knit community have solidified its standing among the most coveted beach towns in the world.
The first in the Malibu Series, this landmark home is situated on one of Malibu’s most spectacular sites, showcasing unprecedented craftsmanship and 360 degree promontory views that capture a striking duality of land and sea. The last masterpiece of its size to ever be built in the area, The New Castle affords its owner a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience Malibu in perfect harmony; to live where the ocean meets the sky.
A visionary collection of 12 architecturally significant residences, The Malibu Series by Unvarnished boasts some of the most exceptional homesites in all of Malibu. Each offering is meticulously designed and curated with tailored hardware, furnishings and appliances. This harmony of craftsmanship, impeccable finishes and incredible ocean views creates a living experience authentic to the spirit of Malibu and yet unlike anything ever imagined in the city.
I live to create, and so for years I’ve put everything I am into turning ideas and dreams—mostly my own—into reality. For me, the key lies in setting unlimited goals, driving toward a bar that keeps going higher. I want to always push myself to do more, be better, and never stop at satisfaction. Anything less means mediocrity.

It’s painstaking, it’s incredibly demanding, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. What my projects have in common is my absolute dedication to a hands-on, hand-build process.

Some people call my approach “artisanal.” I call it doing things the way they should be done. My intense focus on results equates to a product that never disappoints. A product that is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Welcome to The Malibu Series.
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